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Welcome to InternetHotels.com, where you get the best hotel deals on the internet... Guaranteed! Online since 1998 and with over 8 million reservations to date.

InternetHotels.com is a nationwide and international discount hotel booking service with great prices on the places you want to stay for both leisure and business travel. We offers savings of up to 70% off regular hotel rates in some of the world's most expensive cities such as Las Vegas, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, Hong Kong, Paris, London and much more.

As you select your dates and destination city, we display participating hotel locations and rates. Browse through our new and improved continuous updated real time inventory of negotiated hotels and properties. By giving you the travel tools, you can now easily search and find over 100 major destinations world-wide. Look at pictures of hotels, read guest reviews, and browse images of maps and guides of wonderful locations world-wide. Our main goal is to give you the best deals and service anytime. Why do we claim to have the best deals on the internet you ask? It’s simple. Our overhead and expenses are the lowest possible. Unlike our competitors, who use marketing companies to advertise on tv, radio, and newspapers, we don’t. Therefore we have no advertising fees and expenses to add on. We simply provide the lowest rates or prices that are contracted with the same hotels and properties as our competitors, BUT with one big difference. FOR LESS.

Once you book your reservation over the internet, you will receive SECURE immediate confirmation within seconds. That booking is now guaranteed for late arrivals. The hotel room and tax charges will be prepaid and charged to your credit card. When you check out of your hotel, you will only owe the hotel for incidental room charges, if it applies. It’s simple, easy and fast.

InternetHotels.com makes all efforts to work with the best hotels and staff worldwide to ensure quality, service, safety and price for all our customers. We also periodically conduct our own tests and visit locations to ensure quality and safety for our valued clients. We have offices in Los Angeles, Dallas, Ireland and India.

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