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College hotels serve as a home away from home when going out of town to visit a campus or a university. These hotels and properties are usually located in or around campuses, offering guests the convenience of having the college destination in close proximity. Choices range from the small 2 star to the grand 5 star rating, with charming bed and breakfasts to opulent historic hotels all taking their place next to beacons of learning. From the affordable to the costly, visitors will be pleasantly surprised with the choices available to them through our real time expanded hotel and property database offered exclusively through

Hotels like these usually cater to guests frequenting the school. Parents can comfortably stay over during parent’s weekends or other similar events. Graduations can be celebrated with ease without worrying about travelling back and forth. School speakers for conferences and campus conventions can find comfort after a day of giving long speeches to sleepy students. Tech and cultural festivals can also easily be attended by alumni and other guests.

Sporting events are also one of the major reasons for a campus visit. Athletic meets draw visitors from everywhere. Most college hotels stick to their school pride during football season, and visitors can get remarkable game packages to enhance their stay. Games can either be enjoyed at the university stadium or at the hotel’s pub among drinks and friends. Football is both a serious and festive affair for some hotels; with alumna, parents, and other hardcore fans staying over for the revelry of victory or the anguish of defeat.

Through, hotel listings are available online at a fraction of the rates you would pay elsewhere. You can find hotels and motels at discounted rates and prices that will not only provide a good location but also offer the perks of having numerous facilities at your disposal. If you want to bring a pet, get complimentary breakfasts, have free high speed internet, swim in a pool, or have a Jacuzzi in your room during your stay; all you’ve got to do is find a college hotel that is perfect for you. Please make your reservation online by simply filling the search form above. Or you can speak to a live person anytime, 24/7 1-800-761-3936 to help guide you find that special hotel that will fit your needs.